Our goal is to
  make your job easier…

When you call…you reach the “right” person quickly. Messages and transferred calls are uncommon. There are no phone menus.

If you need help with a label design…thirty years of label experience helps find the best material, adhesive, lowest cost tooling (if you cannot use one of our 1000+ tools), best art choices and best printing methods .

If you have an uncommon label requirement…we help you find the best face material and/or adhesive to match your application – even if the requirement is unusual or extreme and even if the quantity is small. We are also capable and willing to adapt our equipment to fit your needs.

When you need a quote…quotations are returned quickly on the day of request  - or at any time you need it!

To offer you the best price…often multiple products or alternatives are quoted so you have choices and can choose the best solution for your customer.

On quotations…additional charges are limited to initial plates and an occasional tool charge. No need to add up a list of charges to determine your total label cost. No surprises.

When you place an order…orders are acknowledged the day of receipt so you know it has been entered into our system and know what day to expect shipment.

When your order is produced…years of experience including running an ISO label company helps ensure the highest quality labels.

If you need special packaging or carton ID…we are happy to provide your request..  Our standard practice is to label each carton with PO#, description, number per roll/stack/package, total number per carton and a job number.

When product is packaged…cartons are packed securely with a quantity that is determined to be the best for usage, carton size, storage and a weight that is light enough to be handled easily and safely.

 When order turn-around is determined…normal shipments are ten days or less. If you need a specific ship date we work with you – no "rush" charges.

When product is shipped…Shipping Notices (complete with freight charges) are faxed the day a shipment is made so you know that your order has shipped and you can invoice your customer even before your invoice and samples arrive in the mail.

When orders are invoiced…Shipping Notices, Packing Slips and Invoices show packing details; number per roll or package, number per carton, total cartons and pallets shipped.

Please let us know if there is something more we can do to make your job easier!

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