Variable and Thermal LabelsManufacturing

Typically manufacturing labels are used to identify items through out the manufacturing process. They can be used to show a variety of items such as Production Control, Inventory control, Pallet identification, Safety Identification, hazard warnings, and many other uses in the manufacturing process. These labels may have lot numbers, serial numbers, or batch numbers to statistically track an item.


Medical LabelsLabels are often used in the healthcare market to identify drugs, prescriptions, and pharmacy items. There are many types of healthcare labels such as transcription labels which are laser generated and attached to a patient file folder. There are also pinfeed labels, laser generated labels and sheets. Often there are labels attached to containers holding various types of specimens, hazardous medical waste items, and laboratory items.



Often there are retail labels to identify sale items or advertised items. They can also identify the product; many times we refer as Prime labels. This type of label is usually put on the end product and usually has attractive graphics to distinguish it from other products that may be similar. Prime labels generally are multi-color and can be varnished or over laminated to protect the label on the shelf and during the processing of the product. Typical examples are food packaging, petroleum packaging, house ware, cosmetics, toys, automotive, and many other retail markets that require a label to identify or market an item.


Service and Event LabelsThe definition of service labeling can be defined in many markets. Custom gift wrapping, a small boutique may wrap your purchase in tissue paper a put a custom printed label with their logo on it.

Event tickets such as ski lift tickets, parking lot tickets, amusement park tickets, are examples of service devices that may be in the form of a label, tag or ticket. Membership labels are often attached to a door, window and even a membership card to identify your status.

Many times Insurance companies and banks use labels to identify services provided to their customers such as phone or calendar reminders. Accounting departments may use service labels in the invoicing and payment process to identify account status.


Shipping LabelWare house labels are used to identify inventory items in a warehouse including the location of the item. This label type usually has a barcode or part number printed on it with a name and even a logo pre-printed on it. Many times a picking label is used in a warehouse to identify an item being pulled from inventory for a particular customer. When an item is shipped, it requires a shipping label which can be a generic blank label or a colorful pre-printed label, either can be custom imprinted at the time of shipment.

Warehouse LabelsShipping Labels

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