Prime Labels

Prime LabelsPrime labels are applied to the end product to identify the product. Many times the prime label is printed in multiple colors and or process colors with a varnish or over laminate to protect the graphics on the label.

Prime labels can be found on a bottle of wine, jar of pickles, a jar of gourmet food, or a pail of driveway sealer. Basically any item that you purchase in a retail environment probably has a prime label on it.

Variable Imprint

When a label has variable imprinting on it, the imprint might be printed by the label manufacture or at the point of application. However “variable imprint” indicates the image or information changes through out the run. The variable imprinting process can be printed by thermal, laser, inkjet, and dot matrix technologies. The type of printer used is usually chosen based on the end use of the label or the speed at which it needs to be variably imprinted.

Imprint Labels Laser Labels Roll of Imprint Labels

Product Identification

Thermal and RFID LabelsProduct ID can be done with a blank label that is imprinted with a printer or a pre-printed label. There are many forms of product identification from the newest RFID style label to a basic label with the appropriate information which describes the content of the product package. The identification can be a vial, drum, pail, box or even a skid of product.

Coupon & Promotion

Coupon and Promotional labels are used to promote a product or give rebates or incentives for purchasing a product. The coupon can be a simple one color label to a multi-color and multi-layer or even a booklet style label to get as much information as possible in the smallest area of a product. The coupon label usually implies there is a removable portion that is returned as a card, label or ticket for redemption.

Burger King Labels Sales Coupon Labels

Promotional labels can be on the product or on the shelf which indicates the promotional program for that particular product.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Labels with LogosDirect mail is created to communicate directly to the individual. The communication may be to promote a product or solicit for a company, service, college, organization, or charity. Many times this is with a package that contains a letter, advertising, return postal card, return address labels. These items are generally personalized for the individual they were sent to.


Other Products


Waterproof LabelsHaz-Mat LabelsSelf Lam Labels can be provided in sheet or roll form, the type we manufacture are usually hand written on, the over-laminate is included, attached and aligned to the label.
Just fill it out, peal the overlam liner off and lay the laminate over the label to protect it.

There are many uses for this type of label from an Identification label to a haz- mat label which requires protection after the variable information is written on the label.


Magnetic Labels

Numeric Magnetic LabelsWe manufacture individual magnetic labels that can be attached to any ferrous metal object. Variable information such as numbers, barcodes, names, etc. can be printed on each magnetic label. Generally these are used on inventory racks or shelving where the location of a label may change.

Magnetic Barcode Labels 

Warehouse Signs

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