Services Customer Service

Professional customer service
We have a team of experienced customer service people who will help you design custom labels for special applications. Together these people have over 40 years experience in the label industry.

Phone answered by sales person
When you call Label.Com you do not get a receptionist or answering machine, you get a customer service person who can immediately help you.

Every order processed has an engineering file which allows us to exactly duplicate repeat orders. Knowledgeable label design personnel develop custom labels for special applications. Many times we can cut your cost by designing a label that accomplishes multiple functions. Because of our vast experience and knowledge of the label industry we are able to solve unique issues you may have with specific applications.

Often we offer several alternatives on the same quote.  It may be different materials or size or finishing that will provide a cost savings or a better solution for the application.  This gives you more options to solve your customer objectives. If the objective is price or performance you have the details available to make the best choice. 

Material testing
When the end user needs an existing label reproduced we can have the material tested to insure we get the closest material duplicate possible. If it is not possible to positively identify your sample, we can gather enough criteria from it to offer a few materials that will best satisy the need.  Depending on the use, we may recommend testing material for suitability and will provide hand cut samples for that purpose.  We can often find a material to do a better job at a much lower cost.

Material Samples furnished upon request
We have a vast material library of samples and can furnish samples for you when requested

Order confirmation
When your order is received at Label.Com we will fax an an order confirmation within 24 hours. This notice assures you that the order was received and is in process and it will state the expected ship date. 

Shipping confirmation 
We will fax a copy of the invoice on the day shipment is made.  This fax will include total quantity shipped, packaging detail and shipping cost so you can begin your invoices without (mail) delay.  An invoice will also be mailed along with samples of the job so you can see what your customer received.

Quality of product and packaging is constantly monitored by key personnel to insure quality standards are met.  In the history of Label.Com we have had a near perfect score in quality product and customer service.

Electronic art & proofs
Generally we supply our customer with a soft proof in PDF format via e-mail. We can provide most other proof upon request.  

Type setting Paints for Labels
Type setting services are available, usually at no additional charge.  

PMS color match
There is no additional charge to match any PMS color. 

Custom Color match
We can also create a custom color if none of the PMS swatches is adequate.  Color will vary depending upon the label material.  Even the whiteness and brightness from one grade of material to another will affect color.  Anytime we develop a custom color, the formula is entered into our database so it can be reproduced on repeat orders quickly and accurately using our  computerized color mixing system. 

Unique construction 
Our equipment has been carefully selected and designed so we can provide unique constructions such as printing on the adhesive or special over-laminations.  Our staff have the expertise and we are willing to made modifications to equipment and process that will allow us to satisfy your special needs.  

Special Packaging
In some cases there maybe special packing, quantities, or labeling of products. We are able to meat these requirements many times with out affecting the delivery.

Carton Labels
A label is applied to every carton showing the number per roll, stack or package, total quantity per carton, current job and purchase order numbers.  If you have different information requirements we can usually accommodate your request without additional charges.  Or we will use any carton labeling you wish to provide.

Ship dates
Our goal is to ship every order by the date shown on your order acknowledgement or the earlier date we have promised to you.  Normal lead time is 10 work days from order receipt.  In the unusual event of a delay, you will be notified by phone of the delay so we can discuss any options to be sure your needs are met.

Quick deliveries upon request
In some cases you may need shipment in less than our nornal 10 working days.  Just let us know and we will review the job and components and discuss with you the best possible date.  We accommodate most improved deliveries without requiring an additional charge.  

Shipment changes
We will accommodate any shipment breakdown or address change on your order up to the time the shipment is loaded onto a truck.  There are no "cut off" times.  

Distributor sales only
Our core sales philosophy is to support our distributor.  We will not sell direct in any way.  

Storage available
Label.Com has storage facilities for finished goods if needed.  Arrangements must be made at the time of quotation. 

Freight charges are not marked up
Unlike some companies there are no markups on the freight cost.

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